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Medicare Plans

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Yvonne was great helping me with my Medicare supplement and changing my prescription plan to one tailored to my needs.

Medicare Supplement Plans

  • Also known as Medigap plans, these plans can be purchased in addition to traditional Medicare
  • Offered by private insurers
  • Must conform to federal and state laws
  • You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B to qualify
  • You are responsible for paying the premium in addition to your Medicare Part B premium
  • Some plans do not cover certain services such as foreign travel emergencies or skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Does not include a prescription drug benefit

Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Offered by private insurers who contract with Medicare
  • Many plans include a prescription drug benefit while some also offer vision and dental benefits
  • Can be a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), a Private Fee-for-Service Plan (PFFS), or a Special Needs Plan or Chronic Care Plan
  • Features a Managed Care component to monitor and improve quality of care and control costs by reducing unnecessary duplication of services
  • Out-of-network care may be partially covered
  • The larger the enrollment in the local or regional plan, the greater the number of
    specialists in the network
  • Some plans have $0 premiums

Prescription Part D Drug Plans

  • Designed to lower the cost of prescriptions
  • Allows you to add prescription drug coverage to Medicare supplement insurance
  • There is an additional monthly premium
  • If you do not sign up for a Prescription Part D Plan when eligible, you could pay a penalty for the rest of your life

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